Message from Ginger Lukas, CEO:

I totally got this haircut just to be able to sit here in this chair and smoke this stogie.

Lately I've been working on using a power and light utility company to support proposals for architectural "improvements" in terms of sculpture in the built environment. Power and light are to be taken metaphorically - personal power and visible light in the sense of something being good for all. These are plans for large public interventions (I am weird about the term "public art") I'd like to work towards in the future in some sense, but do not have the framework in place for as of yet. It is much easier to write up a sincere-sounding fake using Photoshop and Google Maps than it is to spend 15 g's on a sign (and more on renting/owning/maintaining/permitting the property). Fake it til u make it. (And maybe think about buying a projector?)

That said, there is actually a woman named Ginger Lucas running a utility company that services the Mid Atlantic states. The name of this company is Great American Power, and if you are looking for that, that's a different thing. I came up with this idea for myself before I knew about her, and it's not a common name. If I were nastier, I'd put up a place where people who came here looking for that could pay their bills.

Mission statement:

The GALA Power and Light Company specializes in signage and other graphic, textual interventions for a continually flattened built environment. Our mission is to highlight and tweak the irregularities that make and keep us human in an otherwise post-human technological landscape that still requires our ingenuity and respect for the world around us.

We are corporate - everything is in branding now - but we are analog and Big Dumb in the face of digital Overlord Smart.

Files are continually being updated as I figure them out (research & rewrite):

Still to be written (but images are available):